Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cells: Step 2 - Adding backing layers & creating a final shape ...

I've cut away the excess backing paper & fabric to create a nucleus shape as well as cut some holes randomly around the edges - primarily to convey a cellular structure as well as form areas to hold stitching (I've decided to use stitching to continue with this 'cell sample').

To further create transparency for the nucleus (as well as a cellular  background), I've chosen to use a black nylon net - 2 pieces in my 'stashes' being the ideal size! By using 2 layers (with the nucleus sandwiched between as if 'in suspension'), I can also take advantage of the moire effect (later) for the stitching.

Close-up of the above, tacked into position with red thread.

To enable ease of stitching this 'nucleus', a further 'just right' piece of charcoal polyester chiffon was positioned underneath the sample. The size of it was now starting to generated an idea of a 'suspended transparent circular form'. With this in mind, I decided to put it into my large embroidery hoop (a) to tighten it (b) to enable hand stitching of the centre sandwiched plastic 'nucleus' - initially to decoratively attach it in place. (To see this final stage, click here.)

Before this next stage begins, I now need to investigate specific 'cell structure' so I'm off to the library to see if there are any books for reference.