I'm asked ...

When did you first start making anything and what was it ?
About 3 or 4 years old - it was a 'teddy bear' for my sister.

Have you always been interested in crafts ? 
Yes ... I grew up in West London in the early 1950s (with wartime 'Make-Do-and-Mend' still flourishing) - 'crafty' relatives would show me 'how to do it'.

What was your first textile craft?
Possibly FRENCH KNITTING … aged about 6 to make some dressing gown cords for presents.

When did you start to knit & crochet ?
Between 6 or 7 ... I remember making things like egg-cosies and scarves (as gifts for Christmas or birthdays) - often using large wooden needles.

Why did you start to sew ? 
Soon after starting to knit, I realised that individual pieces needed joining together in some way - at first with a crochet hook but soon found a sewing needle easier!

Why did you begin embroidery ? 
At school (around 8 or 9), making gym bags and aprons was a suggested needlework exercise - worked on blue, red or green gingham fabric.

What of tapestry ? 
I first used rug canvas - it had large holes & was easy to stitch using either yarn or various fabric strips.

When did you first use a sewing machine ? 
I think about 10, just before going to secondary school. The first machine was a black hand-turned Singer.

What of your interest in fabric & fashion? 

I began with making dolls clothes & when almost 11, an entry in a local craft competition with ‘highly commended’, formed the idea of becoming a fashion designer! 

Do you only work with fabric-based crafts?
No, my interest is with many crafts & generally include those that can be defined as working with a ‘needle & thread’ which over the years just keep growing!