Friday, September 20, 2013

Cells: Step 1 (contd) - Using hand made paper ...

Here's a few other designs I'm working on - all with a 'cell-like structure' theme. (Incidentally, these are all elements of design & techniques that I have wanted to experiment with for some time & I'm using any opportunity to include them in my work.)
  • Nucleus: After unpicking some alterations, I had a pile of threads in front of me (below left) & thought them perfect for adding to another handmade paper sample (below right). (I don't know what the scientific term is for each 'image' but in my eye they represented what I wanted them to be.) Placing the threads strategically in position, the result quickly became a 'cell structure' & I was reminded of 'petrie dishes' at school & wanted to also include this type of viewing medium within the design. As I also wanted to symbolise 'inspection & looking inwards', the idea of using clear plastic as an additional medium came to mind. I later glued this on the front of the work & another made paper group (with fabric backing) behind the pieces (this can be seen here)

  • Virus: I next came across 2 inked paper samples - again in colours I thought appropriate for my corresponding cellular forms. One paper (below left), I inked over & then ripped (to show the paper's under structure with its white edge) into short lengths. These were then stuck in positions on the other piece & finally positioned on a handmade white thicker textured card (also can be seen here).

  • Cell division: Another cellular form I wanted to experiment with is the one below left - dried glue on card which results in the cell-like structures appearing. After painting with ink, these are more visible & under certain lighting, show clearly (below right) in a different colour & somewhat reflective.