Thursday, December 6, 2012

Library book shelves go up !

My books are now in full view when I'm working (as opposed to in another room) as well as all my 'working' files. They are all sorted into general art, craft or textile sections as well as being referenced on a database ('Stitcherydoers' can 'click here for recommendations).

The shelves themselves are self-assembly heavy-duty white metal - bought from Big Dug several years ago. They have been attached to the wall for safety & being metal can have magnetic things attached. Really useful as you can position things where needed & to double up on space. I have some magnetic clips so that the library area can double up as as a display area. I can attach pieces of work to the shelves for looking at whilst working on (see below) as well as for viewing in different lighting conditions.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 2012 - One year on

This is my actual working studio where I can now physically 'get hands on' to create various textile items or work digitally on other creative projects and in doing this blog, I've just noticed it's almost a year on since I moved all my craft & textile things here - now it looks more studio-like! (view towards the window below).

Most of what you can see in the studio (in this & previous picture) was somewhere or another around the house I was living in ... it's just great now having most of it under one roof (even though it needs tidying up!) However, the downside is that if you need something at home you haven't got it 'on hand' - although just a small price really that's off-set by having a dedicated work space.

It's also nice to have everything somewhat 'mobile' & that is working itself around how you work. It's also great to have several different things on the go - all within view ... you can do bits just as you want! - or leave them if there's no time to finish!

Hammerite a post & move !

May/June 2012

On those early days when I was finishing off the studio, I did some of the metal painting I'd earmarked for doing using Hammerite paint. It's great to be able to use it outside especially if items are large - like a very large dragonfly (more about that later!). Especially of note, is the outside step & rampost - looks much better now!

We finally moved house in mid-May & have a great view of the sea from the lounge - very inspirational first thing in the morning. I've gradually been unpacking in the studio (as well as at home) - but its all been rather slow. In the move, many of my work-related items had been put in "safe places" - never to be found again - that is until you're looking for something totally unrelated to it!

Monday, December 3, 2012

A commercial unit is transformed into a studio ...

This story began briefly on one of my other blogs but exists here as the first part part of my 'new creative journey' at this later stage of my life!

Back in 2011, myself & partner decided to re-locate our businesses from Hertfordshire to the Avon/Somerset area - this is the 'saga' of how a business unit was transformed (in under a year) into a working studio. To read the full story & see how this ... 

 became this ...