Saturday, July 20, 2013

How I'm Restoring my '40s Pouffe ...

Today I've started to clean my '40s pouffe - it has to be unassembled first to get to the individual sections. I made this over 10 years ago & overall surprised generally how clean it has kept. I intend to restore it to its original condition - providing fffurther instructions here should you also like to make one of these 'seats'. (By the way, it is influenced by 1940's Make-Do-&-Mend' & so is its inside!)

The outer covering (below left) is laced by 4 central tucked bands (below right) which is held in place with a centrally tied 'rope'.

The cords were cut away/unlaced around the upper section & the underneath panel (below) then the outer 'corset' was removed.

The individual pieces can now be cleaned & repaired as the entire outer 'bag' (below) has a zip to insert the inner seat (as per Pouffe here). 

Monday, July 8, 2013

40s Pouffe repair ...

This is the 1940s-style pouffe made a few years ago & mentioned earlier in my blog. The outer 'skirt' is detachable both for cleaning (more pix if you click here) & this is what will be happening soon.