Monday, March 31, 2014

Renovate a blind & track ...

Inheriting a 'Next' black folding faux suade window blind (lined), I decided I would renovate it as I haven't done one before & thought it a good experimental exercise! The track cords were in a bad state of repair (ie. the blind didn't go up & down) & the blind itself, was quite dusty with a slightly cigarette/smoky smell.

Recommended for dry cleaning, I decided to have a go & 'wash' it - after all what was to be lost?

Not to actually soak it, I used 'Ecover' washing liquid making a mild solution in warm water along with an old tea towel (soft yet not fluffy).

The track & blind were taken down & lightly brushed. Next, the blind was vacuumed with a soft vacuum upholstery brush, then shaken vigorously outside.

The track pieces were then wiped clean BUT leaving all cords in place as a guide.

Left: The track & blind metal & plastic pieces.
Right: Cords at upper locking rollers had almost disintegrated & had become "shredded" & somewhat knotted in places.

The blind was measured for cord lengths: the blind's drop + upper width of track +side length for cord 'pull'. Cords were cut & following the 'guides' of the old track, each cord (there were only 2) was replaced.

End caps were attached at each pull end & then the cords free-hanging lengths loosely knotted in place.

 The blind was layed over a soft towel & with the damp cloth & the Ecover solution, carefully wiped. The lining side was completed first. Turning over, the faux suade side was then done - finishing with a wipe in the direction of the suade. (Image right shows dirt removed in first wipe!)

When completed, each side was gently sprayed with 'Febreze' fabric spray & again lightly wiped with the damp cloth. AT NO TIME was the blind saturated & left to remain wet. Before leaving to totally dry, the blind was given a slight "widthways pull" to straighten & shape up.

It was then left to dry for 2 days in a warm room ...  further news when dry!

NOTE: If you want to try this, test a small fabric area for colourfastness - I didn't as I had nothing to lose!!