Friday, October 25, 2013

Honesty image comes alive! ...

This morning I'm looking through some previously 'unused experiments' & found these at left - so saves me having to repeat the processes!

They capture exactly what I'm trying to acheive & by using along with yesterday's sample, have created the one below:

Immediately I finished it, it seemed perfect as a solution for the starting point for an image/design (Honesty) begun a few years ago:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

2 experiments that went well! ...

I've been experimenting with a heat gun as well as using unconventional "fabric" - here are the results of 2 exciting experiments.

The orange one (result of heat) will possibly be added to an earlier 'cell' (see "Project:Cell" when you've clicked here) & the blue one (painted) will be continued with further enhancement(s). In both samples, it's the textures I primarily like as they are achieving the result I'm after.

Friday, October 18, 2013

X-ray cells !! ...

I've begun my first experiments & sample techniques using 'transparency, illusion & movement (implied or otherwise)' as an initial 'topical' starting point. They were several areas I was interested in a few years ago but unfortunately got 'side-tracked' & was unable to continue with this line of thoughts. Now resurrecting it (especially as it's a suitable topic for my 'cells' project - click if you want to see more), I intend to continue from where I left off. I've quite a few new ideas to play with as well as some from those I left 'mid-stream'. Here's a few experimental 'quick' designs I'm playing with:

This one relates to 'illusion' & is the result of working on a 'plastic carrier bag'. I like the crazing & central imagery & is a very similar effect to the one titled 'An Alien? I made.

An initial section of the above has been 'computer enhanced' (right) & now appears to resemble an X-ray. I shall be working on this more at the weekend (hopefully if time permits) & possibly taking it further to another stage.

Although only an experiment, I am going to call it 'Fossil X-Ray' as that's exactly what it reminds me of ... but more on this later !!

The next series of 'experiments' will involve 'transparency & movement'. Here a fabric swatch from 'yesterday practical work' (an off-cut coloured with water colour pencils) have been revolved through 360 degrees showing the effect of sunlight & shade on the colours & fabrics involved. Again, over the weekend, I'm hoping to work on this some more with other finishings.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cells computer enhanced ...

After buying a few things!! from the Knitting & Stitching Show, I've worked up the earlier 'paper' sample & experimented with a few computer enhanced images (one above & others at right in the listings 'Thoughts' & 'Sketches') .... all along the lines of 'transparency'.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cells: Structure experiments ...

One of my initial designs last week used coloured tissue paper glued onto black paper. After drying, it was enhanced with waxed crayons & ink.

Apart from 'transparency', I'm also experimenting with 'light & movement'.

With this in mind, I confirmed particular lighting conditions enhanced 'hidden' colours & movement displayed them (ie. appearing & disappearing).

I then wanted to 'extend' the design. First thoughts were to provide the appearance of 'looking into' the first design. I added strips of pre-printed paper above & below, then hand-made slightly textured paper (with inked edges) to the sides.

Next, to continue the extended cell structure, I added other paper 'panels' above & below the existing one:
At the top edge (in pink), handmade paper on cotton scrim - the fabric edges created 'banding'.
At the lower edge(for more banding) another of my paper & scrim off-cuts (visible to the left) & one of the previously made 'nucleus' shapes (in waxed crayon on paper).

Although 'in the hand', the sample looks a little clumsy, on screen it has achieved exactly what I'm trying to do 'in my head'.