Friday, August 29, 2014

The stitched cell is prepared for mounting ...

The cell textile has now reached the next stage of its work – being encased in a circular form. This has been chosen (as with all other techniques & fabrics) symbolically & will be representative of what I shall ultimately be depicting.

As I need the finished piece to be transparent & hold its shape perfectly, the circle chosen needs to be relatively strong as the textile piece will need to be stretched for further working. With this in mind too,  a black discarded bike wheel (from a cycle shop & almost new) was found - minus its spokes. The holes in the rim are perfect for attaching the textile to & being a little larger than the fabric, will be ideal to use with cords &/or shaped textile pieces.

Note: Prior to using, the wheel rim has been cleaned. Overlaying it on the cell-textile, the fabric was marked (with pins) at each of the 32 hole positions on the rim.

Friday, August 22, 2014

My quickly remembered site !

For those in the M5 vicinity, I'm just beginning to upload a dedicated website:

please bookmark for the future!