Tuesday, September 10, 2013

40s Humpty (Pouffe) : Renovation update 3 ...

The 'Humpty' has now been laced with its outers:

First the lower panel was laced with a black Russia braid through the eyelets. Each side panel was then laced through its lower edge with an off-white cord (one for each edge & through further Russia braid), returning through the seams on the side's upright edges. These were left (to appear near the Humpty's upper corners) until the upper lacing was complete.

Another off-white cord was then laced through the upper rings & through the upper edge of the side panels (also through Russia braid) - each edge of the Humpty having a separate cord.

A central cord was tied around the Humpty's middle.

Ends & lacings were then adjusted to centralise all panels.

The loose ends were knotted on the upper corners, cords cut & ends frayed.