Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dog fur shawl begins ... BUT with some initial problems !!


The saga so far......

Before using my dog fur yarn, I began knitting a sample from the lace shawl pattern in some 4ply as I wanted to try the stitch pattern out. The shawl pattern was a charted one - appeared reasonably easy (which it stated on the pattern) & as I have knitted for many years, thought it would be not be any challenge for me although thought it may take be some time to finish between other things I have on the go.

After beginning twice (see samples below) ...

... I initially began to have some doubts regarding my experience!! On closer inspection of the charts, I noticed ...

Problem 1:
The pattern contained an error regarding stitch counts either side of centre!! (lower sample above shows correct stitching) - the mirror-imaging of the lace had one more stitch on the left!! Working many years ago for a knitting company, this is not unusual so decided to rewrite the charted pattern accordingly in "longhand".

Problem 2:
Next, believing the pattern to start at the base of the shawl (the pointed end of the triangle) with the instructions not advising otherwise, I began work using the darkest of my yarn as I wanted a striping sequence ranging from dark to light. As I VERY SLOWLY worked the lace pattern (double checking stitch counts on alternate rows & writing it in longhand), the apparent 'point' began to even out as the lace pattern expanded. Suddenly I realised, that the cast on edge (beginning with just 2 stitches) was in fact the upper neck edge & the lace pattern was slowly transforming the 'point' into a straight edge!! Undaunted yet again, I slowly unpicked my work even though I had now knitted 20 rows. Expecting the yarn to be quite matted, I was nicely surprised. - my dog yarn unpicked very well!

Problem 3:
And so I began again - this time using the lightest yarn & worked from my new set of pattern instructions complete with the alterations. Then as I began to knit the next chart ... another problem appeared to arise!! The lace pattern did not seem to work on the repeats!! So now I'm back to the drawing board to rewrite the charts in full & see what has happened !!!